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When a newer app version is available in the app store, or manual version created an alert prompt is displayed.

  • Show version info and call to action
  • Can enforce a minimum app version
  • Supports Appcast (Build in feature in App builder plugin)


  • Cirilla v4.0.0 or above
  • App builder v4.0.0 or above

Platform Support



There are three buttons displayed to the user: IGNORE, LATER, and UPDATE NOW.

IGNOREPrevents the alert from being displayed again for that version.
LATERButton just closes the alert allowing the alert to be displayed sometime in the future.
UPDATE NOWButton takes the user to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) where the user is expected to initiate the update process.

Setting App Builder ( requirement )


Configure source code

Adding package

  1. Copy upgrade_prompt package and add to packages folder in cirilla project.
  2. Import package in cirilla/pubspec.yaml


    path: ./packages/upgrade_prompt

Open file


Step 1:


import 'package:upgrade_prompt/upgrade_prompt_alert.dart';
import 'package:cirilla/service/constants/endpoints.dart';

Step 2:

Add the code snippets to the wrapHomeChild function:

  const String appcastURL = "${Endpoints.restUrl}/app-builder/v1/upgrader";
  final isTopOfNavigationStack = ModalRoute.of(context)?.isCurrent ?? false;
  return UpgradePromptAlert(
    enableUpgradePromptAlert: isTopOfNavigationStack,
    appcastURL: appcastURL,
    durationUntilAlertAgain: const Duration(seconds: 30),
    child: child,

Here are the custom parameters:

  • canDismissDialog: can alert dialog be dismissed on tap outside of the alert dialog, which defaults to false
  • cupertinoButtonTextStyle: the text style for the cupertino dialog buttons, which defaults to null
  • showIgnore: hide or show Ignore button, which defaults to false
  • showLater: hide or show Later button, which defaults to true
  • showReleaseNotes: hide or show release notes, which defaults to true
  • durationUntilAlertAgain: duration until alerting user again, which defaults to 3 days

Video guide

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