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Login with Google

  1. Create your iOS app in your Firebase project
Create your iOS app in your firebase project to generate and download GoogleService-Info.plist file
Creating app and defining bundle identifier via your firebase project ios app
Click next to finish steps and then go to console in last step

Click next in all upcoming steps and then in last step click on Continue to Console

2. Move or copy GoogleService-Info.plist into the cirilla/ios/Runner directory and replace it

3. Open Xcode, then right-click on Runner directory and select Add Files to "Runner".

Select GoogleService-Info.plist from the file manager.

A dialog will show up and ask you to select the targets, select the Runner target.

Now copy REVERSED_CLIEND_ID from GoogleService-Info.plist file

Get REVERSED CLIEND ID in GoogleService-Info.plist

Now add the copied REVERSED CLIEND ID to Info.plist file as shown in below screenshot and save.

File is located in: cirilla/ios/Runner/Info.plist

Note: Don’t forget to clean flutter before running your app after changes made by running this command: flutter clean inside your Cirilla app main folder

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