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Set up AdMob app and ad units

To set up for iOS, you need to add an iOS app and create ad units.

Add an iOS app

  1. In the AdMob console, click ADD APP from the Apps menu.
  2. When you’re asked Have you published your app on Google Play or the App Store?, click NO.
  3. Enter AdMob inline ads in the app name field, and select iOS as the platform.
  1. Enabling user metrics is not necessary to complete this codelab. However, we recommend that you do because it allows you to understand user behavior in more detail. Click ADD to complete the process.

Create ad units

To add ad units:

  1. Select AdMob inline ads app from Apps menu in the AdMob console.
  2. Click the Ad units menu.


1. Click ADD AD UNIT.
2. Select Banner as the format.
3. Enter ios-inline-banner in the Ad unit name field.
4. Click CREATE AD UNIT to complete the process.

It usually takes a few hours for a new ad unit to be able to serve ads.

Update banner unit

Open file: cirilla_ads/lib/constants/ads.dart and change to your banner ads unit

Update Info.plist (iOS)

Open file: cirilla_ads/ios/Runner/Info.plist and change to your AdMob app ID

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