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Enable deep linking on iOS

1. Update source code

Open file cirilla/ios/Runner/Info.plist update your CFBundleURLName and scheme.

The CFBundleURLName is a unique URL used to distinguish your app from others that use the same scheme. The scheme (customscheme://) can also be unique.

2. Hosting apple-app-site-association file

You need to host an apple-app-site-association file in the web domain. This file tells the mobile browser which iOS application to open instead of the browser. To create the file, get the app ID of the Flutter app you created in the previous step.

App ID

Apple formats the app ID as <team id>.<bundle id>.

For example: Given a team ID of S8QB4VV633 and a bundle ID of com.example.deeplinkCookbook, The app ID is


The hosted file should have the following content:

  "applinks": {
      "details": [
        "appID": "",
        "paths": ["*"]


  1. Set the appID value to your Flutter application ID.
  2. Set the paths value to ["*"]. The paths field specifies the allowed universal links. Using the asterisk, * redirects every path to the Flutter application. If needed, change the paths value to a setting more appropriate to your app.
  3. Host the file at a URL that resembles the following: <webdomain>/.well-known/apple-app-site-association
  4. Verify that your browser can access this file.

3. Permalink Settings

You can skip this step if already done in Android steps:

4. Result

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