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Run iOS app

To run the app ensure you install successfully Flutter on your computer: (Support only macOS computer)

To test the setup correctly just run example flutter app

Folder Structure

Download the source code and unzip you will get a folder tree like this:

|- app
|   - cirilla
|   - cirilla_ads (This source folder support Admod)
|   - ui (The build in UI kit share for cirilla and cirilla_ads)
|   - gutenberg_blocks (The build in UI for WordPress gutenberg blocks)
|- guide
|- licensing

cirilla and cirilla_ads is the main source code

Run-on Terminal

1. Navigate the terminal to cirilla or cirilla_ads folder
2. Install dependencies
flutter pub get
3. Check that an iOS device is running. If none are shown, follow the device-specific instructions on the Install page for your OS.
flutter devices

No iOS devices are connected you can run this to open the Simulator

open -a Simulator
4. Run the app with the following command:
flutter run -d IOS_DEVICE_ID

IOS_DEVICE_ID is shown in the screenshot below:

Run-on Android Studio

Open project

  1. Open the IDE and select Open
  2. Select folder cirilla or cirilla_ads
  3. Install dependencies

Run the App

  1. Locate the main Android Studio toolbar:
    Main IntelliJ toolbar
  2. In the target selector, select an iOS device for running the app.
  3. Click the run icon in the toolbar, or invoke the menu item Run > Run.

After the app build completes, you’ll see the Cirilla app on your device.

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