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Intercom Chat

Integrate Intercom Chat into the Cirilla app to enable customers to ask questions and inquire about pre-sale matters.



  • Cirilla v3.9.0 or above
  • Uses Intercom Android SDK Version 15.6.3.
  • The minimum Android SDK minSdk required is 21.
  • The compile Android SDK compileSdk required is 34.
  • Uses Intercom iOS SDK Version 16.5.9.
  • The minimum iOS target version required is 13.
  • The Xcode version required is 15.

Getting started

– Create an Intercom account to use Intercom services:

Install Package

  1. Copy intercom_package package and add to packages folder in cirilla project.
  2. Import package in cirilla/pubspec.yaml


    path: ./packages/intercom_package

Then run flutter pub get in your project

Configuration Cirilla App


Open file: cirilla/android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.VIBRATE"/>

Setup custom application class

  • Create a custom class named MyApp
  • Open folder: cirilla/android/app/src/main/kotlin/io/rnlab/cirilla
  • Add an onCreate() override. The class should look like this:
package io.rnlab.cirilla
import io.maido.intercom.IntercomFlutterPlugin
class MyApp : Application() {
  override fun onCreate() {
    // Initialize the Intercom SDK here also as Android requires to initialize it in the onCreate of
    // the application.
    IntercomFlutterPlugin.initSdk(this, appId = "appId", androidApiKey = "androidApiKey")

Note: Change appId and androidApiKey to your Intercom key

Open your AndroidManifest.xml and find the application tag. In it, add an android:name attribute, and set the value to your class’ name, prefixed by a dot (.).


Intercom Initialization

Get the key on the Intercom Dashboard

Source Code

Open file: cirilla/lib/main.dart

Import package:

import 'package:intercom_package/intercom_package.dart';

Add the code snippets to the main function:

intercomInitialize('appId', androidApiKey: 'androidApiKey', iosApiKey: 'iosApiKey');

Show chat icon on floating action screen

Open a screen and find Scaffold widget then add floatingActionButton

Open file: cirilla/lib/screens/home/home.dart “example on the home screen”

Note: import 'package:intercom_package/intercom_package.dart'; when you add IntercomChat() widget

Display chat conversation with App builder action

Source Code

Open file: cirilla/lib/register_actions.dart

Import package:

import 'package:intercom_package/intercom_package.dart';

Add the code snippets to the registerActions function:

  if (route == '/intercom') {
    await intercomInstance.displayMessenger();
    return 'none';

App builder

Create an action in App builder plugin to display chat docs

In the advanced tab add the route: /intercom

Open chat conversation with init message content

Note: import 'package:intercom_package/intercom_package.dart';

await intercomInstance.displayMessageComposer('Hello Everybody!!!');

Receive the notifications

Step 1: Add server key “optional: You can skip this step. If you have configured notifications”

Step 2: open file cirilla/lib/service/messaging.dart

Import package:

import 'package:intercom_package/intercom_package.dart';

Add the code snippets to the updateTokenToDatabase function:

await intercomInstance.sendTokenToIntercom(token!);

Chat Support Order

Open file: cirilla/lib/register_order_actions.dart

Import package:

import 'screens/order/widgets/order_actions_button.dart';
import 'package:intercom_package/intercom_package.dart';

Add the code snippets to the registerOrderActions function:

      titleText: 'Get Product Support',
      onPressed: (_) async {
        await displayMessageForOrderPrePopulated(data:data);

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