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Dynamic form

Html Attributes Order

required | type | … other attributes | placeholder | value


Contact Form 7Html FormDescription
[text* your-name]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name” />Input text required value with name “your-name”
[text your-name]<input type=”text” name=”your-name” />Input text optional value with name “your-name”
[text* your-name-6 class:form-control]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-6″ class=”form-control” />Input text with classname
[text* your-name-7 id:form-control]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-7″ id=”form-control” />Input text with Id
[text* your-name-9 minlength:10]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-9″ minlength=”10″ />Input text with minlength
[text* your-name-10 maxlength:10]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-10″ maxlength=”10″ />Input text with maxlenght
[text* your-name-12 size:10]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-12″ size=”10″ />Input text with size
[text* your-name-13 placeholder “Your name”]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-13″ placeholder=”Your name” />Input text with placeholder
[text* your-name-14 “Your name”]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-14″ value=”Your name” />Input text with default value
[text* your-name-16 default:username placeholder “Your name”]<input required type=”text” name=”your-name-16″ placeholder=”Your name” value=”{{username}}” />Input text with param in value
[submit “Submit”]<input type=”submit” value=”Submit” />Input submit
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