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Cirilla app cart feature lets users shop with ease across web and app platforms. The app connects to WordPress WooCommerce, so users can sync their cart items and checkout details between their browser and their phone. The app also offers the following features:

  • Delete cart items
  • Update quantities
  • Add or remove coupons
  • Refresh cart
  • Change address to calculate shipping
  • Select preferred shipping method
  • Merge carts for guests and registered users

Merge carts for guests and registered users

This feature allows users to seamlessly transition between guest and registered accounts while maintaining their shopping cart items.

When a user open the app without logging in, they can add items to their cart as a guest. These items will be stored in a temporary cart associated with their session.

And user login to their account now any items the user added to their cart as a guest will now be visible in their account’s cart, allowing them to continue the shopping experience seamlessly.

Sync cart cross web and app

The user cart feature in the app is designed to provide seamless synchronization between the WordPress web site and app. This feature allows users to add items to their cart from the web or app, and have those items automatically synced across both platforms.

With this feature, users can start adding products to their cart while browsing the web platform on their desktop or laptop, and then continue the shopping experience on the app using their mobile device.

Show cart errors

We understand that many customers leave items in their cart and close the application to confirm later. However, if any products become unavailable during this time, an error will prompt on cart sceen to user fix the cart before progress to checkout.

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