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From urgent updates to planned releases, App Upgrade feature can streamline your app update process ensuring your users are on the latest version and improving their overall experience.


  • Auto sync new version upgrade from Google play and Apple store
  • Manual create new version update for each platform
  • App cast XML format support link
  • Force upgrade support


  • Cirilla v4.0.0 or above
  • App builder v4.0.0 or above

Cirilla Configuration


App Builder Settings

Open App builder page from the left sidebar => Click to Features on the menu bar => Click to Upgrader

In there you can create a new version for app update, there are 2 ways create a version update.

Auto Sync Version From Google Play and App Store

This way will auto sync the new version from Google play and Apple store, and call by schedule time. Flow this steps for setup:

  1. Click to button “Settings” on the right
  2. Put your Application ID and Bundle ID in the panel info
  3. Configs for schedule fetch

Enable Auto Update: the system will automatically update the new version on Google Play and the App Store.

Country: which country to get update from Google Play and App Store.

Auto Update Interval: set schedule call data and check from store

Video guide

In some case you want create version update for yourself. You can flow this step to create new version update:

  1. Click to icon plus “+” near title on the left
  2. Put the update info as describe as table below

Video guide

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