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WooCommerce Bookings

Allow customers to schedule appointments, make reservations, or rent equipment right in your app.



  • Cirilla v4.1.0 or above
  • App builder v4.2.6 or above
  • woocommerce-bookings v2.1.2 or above ( plugin )

Getting started

  • Web
    – Install WooCommerce Bookings plugin follow guide docs.
    – Then you can add new product with Bookable product type.
  • Mobile
  1. Copy woo_booking package and add to packages folder in cirilla project.
  2. Import package in cirilla/pubspec.yaml


  path: ./packages/woo_booking

Then run flutter pub get in your project

3. Now, you can call ProductWooBooking widget in your product page

– Import this line to your product page

import 'package:woo_booking/product_booking.dart';


import 'package:woo_booking/product_booking.dart';

if (product!.type == productTypeBooking) {
      return ProductWooBooking(
        appointment: appointment, // Booking data.
        onChanged: onChangedAppointment, // Update booking data.
        productId: product!.id.toString(),
        getSlots: Provider.of<SettingStore>(context).requestHelper.getActiveHours,
        getBookingProduct: Provider.of<SettingStore>(context).requestHelper.getAppointmentProduct,
        getBookableDays: Provider.of<SettingStore>(context).requestHelper.getBookableDays,

Resources in Bookings


Video example

Select range by start date and end date in bookings

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