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WC Cancel Order

“Wc Cancel Order” helps you to manage order cancellation functionality in a WooCommerce-based online store.

Customers can request order cancellation with some details from the “Profile tab” Order & Return.

Note: Require customers to log in to use the “Wc Cancel Order” feature

Store admins will receive a cancellation request for the order and will be able to respond in the “WC Cancel” area.

Detailed installation instruction video


  • Customers can send order cancellation requests to the admin with cancellation details.
  • The admin will receive an email notification for the request sent by the customer.
  • Admin can respond to cancellation requests received in WC Cancel Area.
  • The customer will receive an email notification if the cancellation request is approved or declined.
  • Allow guest users to send cancellation request by unique link they receive in order email.
  • Allow cancellation request only when order have specific order status.
  • Choose whether to make the cancellation reason input required or optional.
  • Display the customer note in the cancellation request popup.
  • Translation ready.
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