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Splash screen

To change in Splash screen, you must go to file “cirilla/lib/constants/splash.dart” to setting:

1. Change type splash screen

Setting value splashScreenType is "logo" or "full"

  1. logo: Show with logo image
  2. full: Show with splash image and will be full screen

2. Change color on splash screen

Setting value splashScreenColor is string hex color

Ex: White color is “#FFFFFF”

3. Change BoxFit on splash screen

Setting value splashScreenBoxFit with values: "fill", "fit-width", "fit-height", "scale-down", "contain", "none" or "cover"

4. Change size logo on splash screen

Will used when splashScreenType = "logo"

Setting number with values: "splashScreenLogoWidth" and "splashScreenLogoHeight"

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