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Google Maps

  • Get an API key at
  • Enable Google Map SDK for each platform.
    • Go to Google Developers Console.
    • Choose the project that you want to enable Google Maps on.
    • Select the navigation menu and then select “Google Maps”.
    • Select “APIs” under the Google Maps menu.
    • To enable Google Maps for Android, select “Maps SDK for Android” in the “Additional APIs” section, then select “ENABLE”.
    • To enable Google Maps for iOS, select “Maps SDK for iOS” in the “Additional APIs” section, then select “ENABLE”.
    • Make sure the APIs you enabled are under the “Enabled APIs” section.

For more details, see Getting started with Google Maps Platform.

  • Specify your API key in the application manifest android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

Config information for the map in Contact screen:

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