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How to upgrade new version?

The new version always works with the new App builder plugin, you can easily upgrade to the latest from your WordPress plugin dashboard.

Build the app from your computer

  1. Go to your download profile: download the latest Cirilla app
  2. Move all configs from your old source code to new source
  3. Rebuild the app again.

Also, check the changelogs if have any breaking change

Build the app from cloud build service

  1. Go to the app you created
  2. Click on the app name to go to the setting page app
  3. Click on the next step to go to the last steps => Click to build button
  4. Wait the app build is done => Go back click to link you want to download
You also click on the history icon to get history build.

Each build you need inscreate build name and build code to avoid problem when uploading the app to store.

Ex: Build name 1.0.0 => 1.1.0, build code 1 => 2
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