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This function is included in the settings section of almost widgets under the name “Action button” or “Choose action”. Ex as: Slideshow, Banners, Text, Button, Heading, Countdown, ect…

HTTP Request


Use in App Builder version 3.8.6 or higher


Content API

  • Url: Required
  • Method: Required
  • Headers: Optional
  • Body: Optional
  • Messages: Optional


Setting query parameters in url

Can use get dynamic data to setting query parameters


Supported with 5 types method


Noted: If you want token of user when login, you must get data dynamic


Frequently used when Method value is not “GET”

Content in Body

  • Type
  • Data
  • none: Data body will be empty
  • form-data: Value Content-Type in Header have default is “multipart/form-data”
  • x-www-form-urlencoded: Value Content-Type in Header have default is “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”
With data map
With data list


It will be setting if you want show message after run API

A message includes:

  • Conditional: Setting conditional OR & AND
  • Content message: With 2 type message is Success or Error to show text message of field Content message


Will check each conditional in turn from the first message to show the message after Rest API was complete


Use in

  • Merge tag in Conditional
  • Content message field
Setting Merge tag in Conditional
Setting Content message field

Will return is 200 or 401 or 403

Value is 200 when Rest API return success, other cases is error

{data} and {data.}
Result of rest API is call {data}

If you want get result, can call key {data}.

If you want get child value of result, can call key {data.}

Result data: “Text”, want show message “Category: Text” => Setting content message “Category: {data}”
Result data with map type: {“code”: “rest_no_route”,”message”: “No route.”}, want show message “No route.” in this data => Setting content message “{data.message}”

Get dynamic data in Rest API

Use in Params, Headers and Body of Rest API

Data global

It is data user or token when login account

Use “{}” to setting with keys:

  • {token}
  • {ID}
  • {user_login}
  • {user_nicename}
  • {user_email}
  • {display_name}
  • {first_name}
  • {last_name}
  • {user_url}
  • {avatar}
  • {loginType}
Ex: Setting Authorization in Headers with token of user login
Ex: Setting value email in Body with user_email of user login

Data form

Usually used in widget Form of App builder when there is data form.

Data form in widget Form with keys “you-name”, “your-email” and “your-subject”

Use “[]” to setting key


Logout account

Go to product list with title screen

Go to product list with category id

Go to product list with Tags filter

Noted: tag value can set multi tag ids

Go to product list with Brand filter

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