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Set up user delete their account

To delete account, you need to make sure you are logged in to your account.

Steps delete account

Step 1 – Reason delete account
Step 2 – Policies and terms
Step 3 – Confirm your agreement to delete account
Step 4 – Verification code mail
Step 5 – Complete delete account

Set up and Translate Reason, Policies and terms

To set up and translate, you need go to: lib/screens/profile/delete_account/data.dart and files in assets/lang/

Set up – File lib/screens/profile/delete_account/data.dart

For reason
For policies and terms

Translate – Files in assets/lang/

For reason
For policies and terms

When set up, you should set value of label_name in lib/screens/profile/delete_account/data.dart same with key in files assets/lang/

Hook and Filter

app_builder_delete_user_otpFilter: get the OTP before sent
app_builder_delete_user_before_send_otpAction: before sent OTP
app_builder_delete_user_sent_emailFilter: Enable send OTP via email
app_builder_delete_user_otp_emailFilter: Email send OTP content
app_builder_delete_user_verify_otpFilter: Verify OTP before delete
app_builder_post_types_to_delete_with_userFilter: Post type before delete
app_builder_delete_user_emailFilter: Email user info before send to admin
app_builder_end_delete_accountAction: After call delete delete user account
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