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Post Tabs

For this widget, users are able to create as many tabs as they want. Each tab will be corresponding to an item https://prnt.sc/12q62o3.

1. General tab

Enable drawerShow/hide Drawer (sidebar icon)
Pad tabSetting padding for this section
ItemsUsers are able to create as many tabs as they want
NameSet name for the tab
Type itemThere are 6 types that users can choose: list, carousel, masonry, big first, slideshow, grid.
Filter by
KeywordUsers can input a keyword into this field, so the posts that have name/description is mapping with this keyword will be shown.
TagsUsers can filter posts by tags by choosing 1 or multiple tags (by clicking Shift + select tag)
CategoriesUsers can filter posts by category by choosing 1 or multiple categories.
PostsUsers can filter products by selecting one by one on this field.
Load itemsLimit product number will be shown on App
Enable Load moreExample:
– Setting [Load items] = 4
– Setting [Enable load more] = Yes
– Total Posts = 10
On App, the Posts block will only show 4 first products and a [Load more] button (https://ibb.co/bKg6GsT). If user click on [Load more] button, the next 4 products will be shown and [Load more] button still show below them.
Select templateThere are 10 templates that users can use for their products:
– Item default
– Item horizontal
– Item vertical
– Item vertical center
– Item number
– Item image overlay
– Item timeline
– Item top name
– Item Emerge
– Item gradient
Width x HeightSetting the size to product block
Image sizeUsers can choose 1 in 7 size types to show product image
Comment count
Setting to show/hide each element

2. Style tab

Config Section
Padding/ MarginSet Padding/Margin for whole section
Background colorSet background color for the section
Pad itemSet padding for each product item
Divider with
Divider color
Setup width and color for the divider that separate product items
Config item
Background colorSet background color for post item
Text colorIt applies for post name
Subtext colorIt applies for Date, Author, Comment count
Label colorSet color for category label
On label colorSet color for category name text
Border radiusSet border radius for the post image
Border radius labelSet border radius for Category label
Box shadowUsers are able to set up shadow for their product block with: Shadow color, Offset X, Offset Y, Blur radius, Spread radius

3. Layout

There is only 1 available layout to users can use. It is Horizontal.

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