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Menu Bottom

Note: don’t setup multiple tabs that share the same screen, because this will lead to unwanted errors.

1. Layout

There are multiple layout templates that users can choose to set up for their app on [Layout] tab


Border Bottom

Border Top

Creative Hexagon



Fancy Border

Fancy Dot


Inspired Inside


Inspired Inside

Inspired Inside Hexagon

Inspired OutSide

Inspired Outside Deep

Inspired OutSide Hexagon

Inspired Outside Deep

Inspired OutSide Hexagon

Inspired Outside Radius

Inspired Top Hexagon

Inspired Top


2. General

We already have 5 Tabs: Home, Shop, Wishlist, Cart, Me for this section. However, users can totally create or edit tabs as they want by clicking on [General] tab.

Edit a tab: For each existing tab, user can edit: icon, title, destination

Add a new tab: They also create a new tab by clicking on [Add item] button then input necessary fields.

Duplicate / Remove a tab: users are able to duplicate/Remove a tab easily by clicking the corresponding buttons.

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