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Link to config: Go to Admin panel > choose [App Builder] > Select a template that you want to update > Choose option [Contact] on the dropdown https://prnt.sc/11sgmze

Note: For this function, it is required by 2 libraries:

  1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/
  2. https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7-mailchimp-extension/

1. Layouts

Users can choose 1 of 2 layouts for Login form by clicking on [Layout] tab then choose the layout that they want.

Layout 1: HorizontalLayout 2: Vertical

2. General

Enable Pin LocationShow/hide Pin location
Enable Form FeedbackShow/hide the Mail-icon that users can click to redirect to a form then can send feedback to Admin
Enable Direct MapShow/hide Direct map icon
Map typeThere are 5 options that users are able to set up for their map: Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid or None
Form IDThis field should be completed by a developer or who has knowledge about technical.- Get form ID: https://prnt.sc/11c9b2w
AddressUsers are able to setup contact info (phone number, email) and detail address that will be shown on App

Note: On App, this form will show on: Me/ Help & Info/ Contact us

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