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How to config AdMob banner size?

Where the Banner AdMob can display

  • App builder widget HTML
  • Product description
  • Short product description
  • Custom block html in screen product
  • Custom block html in screen post
  • Post content

AdMob size type?

  • banner: Standard Banner (320×50)
  • largeBanner: Large Banner (320×100)
  • mediumRectangle: Medium Rectangle (320×250)
  • fullBanner: Full-Size Banner (468×60)
  • leaderboard: Leaderboard (728×90)
  • fluid: A dynamically sized
  • custom: Custom size

Which fluid type you need set height

With custom type you need set both height and width

How to show Admob with HTML tag?

<div class="mobile-ads" data-size="custom" data-width="200" data-height="50"></div>
<div class="mobile-ads" data-size="mediumRectangle"></div>
<div class="mobile-ads" data-size="fluid" data-height="50"></div>
<div class="mobile-ads"></div>

How to show Admob with Shortcode?

[ads adSize="custom" width="200" height="50"]
[ads adSize="mediumRectangle"]
[ads adSize="fluid" height="50"]

How to show Admob with Gutenberg?

In the WordPress Gutenberg editor, we search `ads`

Click to block on the editor and you will see the config for config size on the right sidebar.

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