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Product Category

For this widget, users are able to config to display a list of products that belong to a specific or multiple categories.

1. General tab

CategoriesOn this field, users can choose 1 or multiple categories (by clicking Shift + select categories)
Exclude productAfter setting up [Categories] field, users can select 1 or multiple products on this field to make sure they will NOT display on App
Limit ItemThis field allows users to control the product number that will be displayed on App.
Select templateThere are 5 templates that users can use for their products:
– Item contained
– Item horizontal
– Item emerge
– Item vertical
– Item vertical center
Width x HeightSetting the size to product block
Image sizeUsers can choose 1 in 7 size types to show product image
Enable label new
Enable label sale
Enable category
Enable rating
Setting to show/hide each element
Sort ByRandom: products show randomly any time a user opens the app
Latest: products are displayed by Latest updated date

2. Style tab

3. Layout

There are 6 available layouts to users can use.

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