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1. Layouts

Users can choose 1 of 4 layouts for Login form by clicking on [Layout] tab then choose the layout that they want.

Layout 1: Social topLayout 2: Logo top
Layout 3: Image header topLayout 4: Image header corner

* Note: For layout: 2, 3, 4 you need to config more [Header image] on [Style] tab

2. Social login

Users can set up to enable/disable social login on [General] tab

 3. Terms and Conditions

Additionally, users can totally set up “Terms and Conditions” content on [General] tab by inputting the content manually

OR can insert a link to existing content:

Step 1: Select a text then click on [Insert/Edit link] icon

Step 2: Select [Link options] icon

Step 3: On the Select/Edit link popup > search an existing content > Add link

Step 4: Save the change

4. Presets

The function of this part is, users can insert a preset instead of setting one by one part to get a Login form by clicking on [Insert Preset] button.

5. Style configuration 

Beside, users can set up: Background color, Padding for the Login form on [Style] tab.

AND config Appbar as they want

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