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Custom screen is a feature of Cirilla app that allows you to create your own dynamic screen with various widgets.

How to create a custom screen?

How to create a custom tab?

Override custom tab with build-in screen

How to override a screen in a custom tab screen?

Pass custom data to build-in screen from custom screen.

Example: Config on/off Messages, Activities, button Publish Message, button Private Message and Mention name in BuddyPress Member profile

Step 1: Create a custom screen

You can flow this document to create a custom screen How to create a custom screen?

Step 2: Add JSON data to Input “Custom data”

   "enableActivities": false,
   "enableMessages": false,
   "enablePublishMessage": false,
   "enablePrivateMessage": false,
   "enableMentionName": false 

Step 3: Get key of custom screen

Step 4: Override custom screen with build in screen

In the app the screen BPMemberDetailScreen already register for global router so I can get the screen key: /buddypress-member-detail

Now if you navigate to custom screen It will replace by build-in BPMemberDetailScreen

Step 5: Take data from custom screen

In BPMemberDetailScreen Widget anywhere has context you can get screen data by this code:

Data? dataScreen = widget.settingStore?.data?.extraScreens?["buddypress-member"];

buddypress-member: is custom screen key you get on step 3(Remove “extraScreens_”)

To extra enableActivities, enableMessages, enablePublishMessage, enablePrivateMessage and enableMentionName values we can pass thought this:

/// Get screen configs values
Map? configs = dataScreen?.configs;

/// Get json data field
String jsonData = get(configs, ["dataJson"], "");

/// Convert JSON field to Map data
Map? data = isJSON(jsonData) ? jsonDecode(jsonData) : null;

// Take config value
bool enableActivities = ConvertData.toBoolValue(get(data, ["enableActivities"])) ?? true;
bool enableMessages = ConvertData.toBoolValue(get(data, ["enableMessages"])) ?? true;
bool enablePublishMessage = ConvertData.toBoolValue(get(data, ["enablePublishMessage"])) ?? true;
bool enablePrivateMessage = ConvertData.toBoolValue(get(data, ["enablePrivateMessage"])) ?? true;
bool enableMentionName = ConvertData.toBoolValue(get(data, ["enableMentionName"])) ?? true;

After extra data you can use it to control the widget on/off by your code.

Note: This document for developer we will not support if you face any issue.

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