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Video Shopping

The Video shopping widget allows you to create a screen where users can scroll through videos like Tiktok or Youtube shorts and buy your products. This feature includes: Play/ Pause video, Share video, Like video, Buy product, Custom title, description, Play video randomly.


  • Play/ Pause video
  • Share video
  • Like video
  • Buy product
  • Custom title, description
  • Play video randomly

Widget configs

KeywordSearch product by keyword
TagsLimit result set to products assigned a specific tag
CategoriesLimit result set to products assigned a specific category
IncludesLimit result set to specific products.
ExcludeEnsure result set excludes specific products
GeneralSet Padding, Margin, Background color for the section
AlignmentShow actions position

App builder shopping video addons

To config video for product you should install App Builder - Shopping Video Addons plugin then flow image below to config video URL, title and description for product.

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