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Categories Post

Limit itemAllow users to input number of post category that will be shown on App
Template– Select template: There are 3 templates that users are able to choose for their post category display: Contained, Horizontal, Gradient
Each template, there are some configs to setup them.
Config sectionUsers are able to set: 
– Padding, Margin, Background color, Padding item, Height (this field only affect to Carousel layout)
Config itemUsers are able to set: Background item, Text color, Border radius, Border radius image
– Label color, Label text color: only affect when [Enable count] = yes
ListThe post categories will be displayed as a list 
CarouselThe post categories will be displayed as carousel
Note: For this layout, we should set [Height] on tab [General] to display nicely
MasonryMasonry layout is a layout method where one axis uses a typical strict grid layout, of most often columns, and the other a masonry layout.
Big firstThe first post categories will be displayed the biggest on the list. For other post categories, users can set another template on General tab. Ex: use template Item Horizontal https://prnt.sc/11kanax
SlideshowThe post categories will be displayed as slideshow.
GridThe post categories will be displayed as a list 

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