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Each screen (home, product list, product detail, cart, login, contact….) will has its own configuration section. Below, we are going to show you how to config for basic functions on Home page.

Screen layout
Extend body– Enable: The content body will be visible through the bottom tabs https://prnt.sc/11l5jm8
– Disable: The content body will be above the bottom tabs https://prnt.sc/11l5i8y
Stack Layout
Enable AppbarShow/hide the app bar
Type AppbarThere are 3 types of app bar:
– Floating: The app bare will always float on the screen when users scroll down
– Fixed:
– Scroll:
Drawer (sidebar)Show/hide
Icon sidebar
Sidebar icon image
Enable cart
Enable count
Cart icon
Cart icon image
Enable logo
Center logo
Logo text
Logo width
Logo height
Log dark mode
Enable product search
Enable blog search

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