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This widget allows users to make a button on Homepage with redirecting to pages/screens: Home/ Category/ Product list/ Product detail/ Cart/ Profile/ Wishlist/ Contact when users click on this.

Title ButtonInput title button as you want
Choose ActionSet action when user click on the button
FullwidthYes: Button width will fullscreen
No: Button width will base on the text length
Enable IconEnable/Disable button icon
Change IconUser can change the button icon as expected
Icon LeftNo: the icon is on the right of the title button
Yes: the icon is on the left of the title button
Padding/MarginSet up Padding/Margin for the button
Height inputSet height for the button
Background Color SectionUser can set Background color for this section https://prnt.sc/129gt4h
Border RadiusUser can set border-radius for the button
LayoutThere are 3 layouts: Contained, Outlined, Text

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