Changelogs 01 – Sep -2023 🔔

Cirilla app v3.7.9 App builder plugin v3.4.9 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 Flutter 3.13.x New features 🌟 (1) The update will improve the performance when you open the app To give the user the best experience, we improved the app opening speed. This meets the expectation of users who want apps to be responsive and fast … Read more

Changelogs 24 – July -2023 🔔

Cirilla app v3.7.7 App builder plugin v3.4.4 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 Flutter 3.10.x New features 🌟 (1) Query Data Selector Query Data Selector is a feature that allows you to easily access and manipulate data nested in product or post data. With Query Data Selector, you can use simple expressions to select, filter, and transform data … Read more

Changelog 08-Feb-2023

Cirilla app v3.4.0 App builder plugin v3.3.0 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 Flutter 3.7.x Compatible table 1. Upgrade Flutter 3.7.0 2. Chat GPT widget Doc: 2. Pickup address for billing and shipping doc: 3. Add sub category screen 4. Add widget divider and product item in product detail Improvement & Bug fixed

Changelog 16-Dec-2022

Cirilla app ( Test on latest Flutter 3.3.2) v3.3.1 App builder plugin v3.2.0 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 1. Video Shopping Widget Docs: 2. Address book Docs: 3. WooCommerce Bookings Docs: 4. Show order receipt after checkout 5. Add URL to link open via product Webview block We introduce the Webview block in … Read more

Changelog 22-Sept-2022

Compatible version Cirilla app ( Test on latest Flutter 3.3.2) v3.2.0 App builder plugin v3.1.0 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 1. Change default login method Doc: 2. Payment getaway addons Noted: The Cirilla – Payment Gateway Addons not include in Cirilla source code you can buy it here VNPAY Gateway PayStack Gateway PayTabs Gateway Myfatoorah … Read more

Changelog 17-Aug-2022

Compatible version Cirilla app v3.1.1 App builder plugin v3.0.1 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 1. Option on/off captcha 2. Fixed Navigate to Post detail 3. Upgrade target SDK version to 31 4. Fixed Submit form Subscribe/ Contact not working 5. Add filter name, category in Widget vendor list

Changelog 15-Aug-2022

Compatible version Cirilla app v3.1.0 App builder plugin v3.0.0 Push notification plugin v1.4.4 1. Anti – Spam & Brute Force Attack Captcha popup in login, register, review and comment form. Help deter hackers use robot software submit requests via REST API. Also compatible with config – Reviews can only be left by “verified owners” setting … Read more

Changelog 05-Jul-2022

Cirilla v3.0.0 Support: Open product by scan Barcodes or QR Codes, Show Barcodes or QR Codes in product detail Support: Show Advanced Custom Fields in post detail screen Support: Login via Webview and Handing redirect on Webview Support: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins Support: Hide Ads (Filter or Paid memberships pro plugin) docs Support: Set up … Read more