Changelogs 24 – July -2023 🔔

Cirilla appv3.7.7
App builder pluginv3.4.4
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

New features 🌟

(1) Query Data Selector

Query Data Selector is a feature that allows you to easily access and manipulate data nested in product or post data. With Query Data Selector, you can use simple expressions to select, filter, and transform data from any product or post data. Whether you want to extract specific values, apply methods, or join multiple data sets, Query Data Selector can help you achieve your goals with minimal effort and maximum flexibility. After selecting and filtering the data, you can display the results on labels or images to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces.


Video: Show brands above product name

(2) Dynamic product list layout

With this feature, you can create multiple product layouts in the product list screen and customize each product item according to your preferences. You can choose from two layout options, grid or list, and select from eight different product item template layouts for each layout option, such as Contained, Horizontal, Emerge, or Overlay, and apply them to your product items. You can also configure the image, name, price, rating, and other elements of each product item, and hide or show them as you wish. You can also show custom data in widget areas above the name, price, or rating of each product item


Video: Config multi layout in product list screen

(3) Buddypress widgets

Integrations: BuddyPress for online communities, teams, and groups


(4) Sync cart

Cirilla app cart feature lets users shop with ease across web and app platforms. The app connects to WordPress WooCommerce, so users can sync their cart items and checkout details between their browser and their phone. The app also offers the following features:

  • Sync cart cross web and app
  • Show cart errors
  • Merge carts for guests and registered users


Video: Sync cart cross web and app

Improvement 💡

  • Improve: API Cart

Bug fixed 🛠️

  • Fixed: Loading for wallet package
  • Fixed: Can load app preview
  • Fixed: Logged on Webview after change language
  • Fixed: Payment gateway null convert data
  • Fixed: Select country in address

Breaking changes

  • Remove icon clean cart

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