Changelog 13-Jun-2022

Cirilla App v2.9.0 Improved: Remove Scrollbar in Drawer Sidebar on the web Added: Option enable/disable rating in widget vendor and screen vendor Added: Inline play video, and auto play video in product detail screen Added: Stock progress bar in product detail screen Support: Get local plugin avatar and default avatar Support: 360 spin product Support: … Read more

Changelog 27-May-2022

Cirilla App (2.8.0) Upgrade: Flutter 3.0.1 Fixed: Wrong file name and file extension of downloaded file. Fixed: Gutenberg block gallery not working Fixed: Tag hero in core image Added: Play video in product from custom upload file Improved: Drag scrolling on web by mouse App builder Fixed: Selection and Action toolbar overlap sidebar right and … Read more

Changelog 24-May-2022

Cirilla app (v1.7.0) Fixed: Login Firebase phone number on the web version Fixed: Fixed layout grid not working in “Author widget” app builder Fixed: Get post by author in author screen Fixed: Select multi shipping methods Fixed: Duplicate get cart request Fixed: Missing Zulu language Fixed: Update qty not working Feat: Subscribing to topics, Unsubscribing … Read more

Changelog 1-Mar-2022

Cirilla store (2.6.1) Fixed: Review count, Product name in review screen Feat: Force login phone number Fixed: Register email/password without phone number Fixed: Error in order detail list screen Chore: Escape HTML tags Chore:  Translate in the order details page

Changelog 25-Feb-2022

Cirilla App (v2.6.0) Support: Native payment Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay Support: Add-ons in bulk field Upgrade – Flutter 2.10.2 Add: Custom block in product detail and post detail  Chore: Update Font Awesome Upgrade: flutter_facebook_auth dependency Feat: Thumb size, Image size for feature image in product detail Feat: Resent passcode, keep modal verify if passcode not validate, … Read more

Changelog 14-Feb-2022

Cirilla V2.5.2 Chose: Update text in looking location widget Improved: show group prices and variable prices Feat: Show related post by tags, categories and post ids (docs) Add: Upsell in product detail Fixed: Button quantity not working properly Improved: Login/Register Firebase phone number Feat: Update Admod (show Admod by Gunterbeng block and shortcode, Tag HTML) … Read more

Changelog 09-Feb-2022

Cirilla app (v2.5.0) Added: related post (query by tags) Config: Result: Feat: Chat real-time with vendor store Improved: Config social widget and social icon in profile screen Feat: [Dokan] – get vendor stores with status active Fixed: Add product variable in case inline attribute Fixed: Category not reflect after change language on screen languages in … Read more

Changelog 25-Jan-2022

Cirilla app (v2.4.0) Feature: Config default, include, exclude for input phone number Chose: Unescape html in help & info section Support: Audio in description and sort description product Add: +1611 free Awesome fonts config in App builder Support: Digits plugin (+160 Gateway support) Chose: Update firebase web version Chose: Update language file Improved: tabbar border … Read more

Changelog 10-Jan-2022

Cirilla app (v2.3.0) Chose: Shimmer review item Support: Multi-Currency with WooCommerce Payments Fixed: Click to item notification without action Feat: Option on/off download, help & info, switch theme, copyright in profile screen Feat: Select thumb size for product item Feat: Show photo review (Without plugin, support plugin Photo Reviews for WooCommerce and Customer Reviews for … Read more

Changelog 02-Jan-2022

Chore: update alignment widget to select box (This used select start, end support direction for RTL) Fixed: API get balance and transaction (Update new API) Improvement: Lint all source code, and refactor constants. Note: Include file app.dart you need to modify content on the new don’t replace it. Fixed: Call duplicate API on Android Fixed: … Read more