Changelogs 01 – Sep -2023 🔔

Cirilla appv3.7.9
App builder pluginv3.4.9
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

New features 🌟

(1) The update will improve the performance when you open the app

To give the user the best experience, we improved the app opening speed. This meets the expectation of users who want apps to be responsive and fast to load.

Video: Preview

(2) Payment gateway – Tabby (Add-on pagekage)

Tabby is MENA’s biggest Buy Now Pay Later, letting merchants grow their business by offering their shoppers flexible payments. Tabby is constantly growing its product offering.

The Tabby payment feature has been developed and integrated by us in the Cirilla app.

Pay in 4 – Split your purchase in 4 payments

  • Online – easily through nearly any e-commerce platform


Video: Preview Tabby

(3) Add: Shipping Method Layout Direction


Video: Preview

(4) Buddypress – Filter group, member

You can display Buddypress members in two different ways: using a custom widget or using a screen. Each option has some configuration settings that you can adjust, such as name, perPage, page, loadMore, showSearch, and enableSelf. These settings allow you to customize how text of heading screen, how many members are shown, how they are paginated, whether they have a load more button, whether they have a search box, and whether you can include yourself in the list, whether they have a filter button and how initialize value for filter..


Video: Preview

With navigate screen

With custom widget

(5) Integration – Better messages

Better Messages – is realtime private messaging system for BuddyPress.This private messages plugin packed with tons of features and settings to take engagement of members to the next level with realtime chat features.Live chat functionality allow creating chatrooms or just private conversations between members.


Video: Preview

List conversation

Chat conversation

(6) Overwrite custom tab by build in navigation screen

If you want to display a built-in navigation screen in the bottom menu, you can follow these steps: Go to Menu -> Custom Screen -> Config -> Enter the key of the navigation screen.


Video: Preview

(7) OneSignal Push Notifications

To engage users and increase conversions, we’ve integrated OneSignal into our Push Notification Plugin. OneSignal is a platform that provides an easy-to-use, effective, and scalable way to send messages to customers through various channels, such as email, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS.


Video: Preview



Improvement 💡

Bug fixed 🛠️

  • [Fix] Error when list category empty
  • [Fix] Displays the coupon price with tax in cart screen
  • [Fix] Go to notification detail error
  • [Fix] Disable button back in tab home when back from a screen
  • [Update] Change color badge count in list conversation Better message

And some minor bugs fixed and improvements

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