Changelog 16-Dec-2022

Cirilla app ( Test on latest Flutter 3.3.2)v3.3.1
App builder pluginv3.2.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

1. Video Shopping Widget


2. Address book


3. WooCommerce Bookings


4. Show order receipt after checkout

5. Add URL to link open via product Webview block

We introduce the Webview block in last version:

We add param URL, so you can check where the data submitted.


6. Enable/Disable register

7. Enable / Disable add to cart button

8. Support type html in advanced custom field in product detail

There are 2 case:

  1. HTML markup => use flutter_html widget
  2. HTML markup (include tag document) => use flutter_webview to render

9. Customize style menu bottom

This feature help you config style for each tab

10. Support variable categories, meta_data, isLogin, ACF in conditional for show product block


  • delete: unnecessary fonts cache
  • Remove await subscribe platform before open app
  • Set default per page related and up sell product to 10 items
  • Get url by language in product block Webview
  • Update build gradle 7.1.2 and gradle service 7.4
  • Enable Bitcode = No, and update podfile
  • Update pad in addon product detai
  • Update download folder
  • Update color product price by widget config product list screen

Bug fixed

  • Fix: null value in location screen
  • Fix: Show no image
  • Fix: flutter html version 
  • Fix: appointment 
  • Fix: Razorpay, Paypal, Stripe webview when cancel payment 
  • Fix: Load product multi times
  • Chore: remove warning
  • Fix: order note show html
  • Fix: RTL title related product detail 
  • Fix: download add token 

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