Changelog 08-Feb-2023

Cirilla app v3.4.0
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

1. Upgrade Flutter 3.7.0

2. Chat GPT widget


2. Pickup address for billing and shipping


3. Add sub category screen

4. Add widget divider and product item in product detail

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Input max quantity value and tying on keyboard
  • Fix: Load multi Webview widget
  • Fix: Null value in product date
  • Fix: Null data in cart screen
  • Fix: build with Flutter Webview pro
  • Fix: data error in get Acf keys
  • Fix: Get notification on Android > 13
  • Fix: Line 2 container in builder widget, post and product detail
  • Fix: Clickable phone & email in Without map layout
  • Fix: Stripe gateway web when click to back
  • Fix: Click to notification and navigate
  • Fix: Video shopping not query by search and tags
  • Fix: Api post type of builder post and post tab
  • Fix: catch negative value on space convert data
  • Fix: Not update data in last filed in address form
  • Improve: Show description and short description when select variable option
  • Improve: Locate date time order detail
  • Improve: Scroll to comment(Post detail)
  • Improve: Download file name already exist on store
  • Improve: Update config (title, logo, location) on home appbar
  • Upgrade: Firebase dependencies to latest

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