Changelogs 07 – June -2023

Cirilla app v3.7.1
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

1: Add option hide bottom bar


2: Hide Our of Stock


3: SEO-standard deeplink

Doc: support deeplink working with permalink

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Not showing variation
  • Fix: The app freeze after login in checkout
  • Fix: Remove all whitespace of links in dynamic link
  • Update: Show the file name of the addons

Changelog 5 – June -2023

Cirilla app v3.7.0
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

1: Upgrade Flutter SDK 3.10.x

2: Share dynamic for product, post


Share dynamic link for post
Share dynamic link for product

3: Upload file in product addons plugin

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Count Type default value in bottom navigation
  • Fix: Duplicate post list screen
  • Modify: CFBundleName cirilla => Cirilla Store
  • Upgrade: Latest Flutter 3.10.3
  • Upgrade: Gradlew 7.5, build tools 7.2.0 and kotlin 1.7.10

Changelog 17-April-2023

Cirilla app v3.6.0
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

1. Add Wishlist Plugin

Plugin URL:


In the source code ” Cirilla ” please visit: Cirilla => lib => constants => constants.dart.

Then enable ” enableWishlistPlugin = true “.

2. How to enable ” Using biometric “

3. How to enable expand

  • Working only on section Addition Information, Sort Description, Description and Review

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Not showing billing and shipping in address book.
  • Fix: Short description disappears when the product type is selected
  • Update: ON/OFF Using Biometric.
  • Update: ON/OFF Expand ” Additional Information “.
  • Update: Align direction product

Changelog 07-April-2023

Cirilla app v3.5.0
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

1. Add Fingerprint & Face Authentication

2. Add WC cancel order

3. Add no internet

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Shadow of sideBar
  • Fix: Hide out of stock variations
  • Fix: Remove attribute not use in variation data
  • Fix: The offer label is displayed incorrectly
  • Fix: Height layout carousel product tab
  • Fix: Loading in home
  • Fix: Not showing billing and shipping in my account
  • Fix: wrong package import in “flutter_html_iframe_pro”
  • Improve: Cart
  • Improve: Search product
  • Improve: Wishlist
  • Improve: Location
  • Update: Update color product price by widget config product list screen
  • Update: Empty screen for vendors
  • Update: Update waring add cart product

Changelog 08-Feb-2023

Cirilla app v3.4.0
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

1. Upgrade Flutter 3.7.0

2. Chat GPT widget


2. Pickup address for billing and shipping


3. Add sub category screen

4. Add widget divider and product item in product detail

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Input max quantity value and tying on keyboard
  • Fix: Load multi Webview widget
  • Fix: Null value in product date
  • Fix: Null data in cart screen
  • Fix: build with Flutter Webview pro
  • Fix: data error in get Acf keys
  • Fix: Get notification on Android > 13
  • Fix: Line 2 container in builder widget, post and product detail
  • Fix: Clickable phone & email in Without map layout
  • Fix: Stripe gateway web when click to back
  • Fix: Click to notification and navigate
  • Fix: Video shopping not query by search and tags
  • Fix: Api post type of builder post and post tab
  • Fix: catch negative value on space convert data
  • Fix: Not update data in last filed in address form
  • Improve: Show description and short description when select variable option
  • Improve: Locate date time order detail
  • Improve: Scroll to comment(Post detail)
  • Improve: Download file name already exist on store
  • Improve: Update config (title, logo, location) on home appbar
  • Upgrade: Firebase dependencies to latest

Changelog 29-Dec-2022

Cirilla app ( Test on latest Flutter 3.3.2)v3.3.1
App builder pluginv3.2.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
  • Fix: Download list repeat when scrolling down.
  • Fix: download permission Android 10 (API level 29) or lower
  • Fix: Nullable billing_address in cart data
  • Fix: Captcha not reload
  • Fix: Click to notification
  • Add: Option enable icon notification, wishlist on home app bar
  • Improve: RTL video shopping
  • Improve: Max qty in button increate quantity
  • Improve: Remove warning in folder example and dart analysis
  • Improve: Ask write storage in Android API < 33
  • Improve: Download callback and translate message

Changelog 16-Dec-2022

Cirilla app ( Test on latest Flutter 3.3.2)v3.3.1
App builder pluginv3.2.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

1. Video Shopping Widget


2. Address book


3. WooCommerce Bookings


4. Show order receipt after checkout

5. Add URL to link open via product Webview block

We introduce the Webview block in last version:

We add param URL, so you can check where the data submitted.


6. Enable/Disable register

7. Enable / Disable add to cart button

8. Support type html in advanced custom field in product detail

There are 2 case:

  1. HTML markup => use flutter_html widget
  2. HTML markup (include tag document) => use flutter_webview to render

9. Customize style menu bottom

This feature help you config style for each tab

10. Support variable categories, meta_data, isLogin, ACF in conditional for show product block


  • delete: unnecessary fonts cache
  • Remove await subscribe platform before open app
  • Set default per page related and up sell product to 10 items
  • Get url by language in product block Webview
  • Update build gradle 7.1.2 and gradle service 7.4
  • Enable Bitcode = No, and update podfile
  • Update pad in addon product detai
  • Update download folder
  • Update color product price by widget config product list screen

Bug fixed

  • Fix: null value in location screen
  • Fix: Show no image
  • Fix: flutter html version 
  • Fix: appointment 
  • Fix: Razorpay, Paypal, Stripe webview when cancel payment 
  • Fix: Load product multi times
  • Chore: remove warning
  • Fix: order note show html
  • Fix: RTL title related product detail 
  • Fix: download add token 

Changelog 22-Sept-2022

Compatible version

Cirilla app ( Test on latest Flutter 3.3.2)v3.2.0
App builder pluginv3.1.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

1. Change default login method


2. Payment getaway addons

Noted: The Cirilla – Payment Gateway Addons not include in Cirilla source code you can buy it here

3. Action to product list with brand, tags filter



4. Add Block Webview in product screen

5. Condition for show product block

6. Config thumb size in product detail screen.

7. Upgrade flutter 3.3.2

9. Bugs fixed and improvement

  • Fix: checkout currency
  • Upgrade: Firebase library
  • Fix: calendar in booking product
  • Fix: Lunch action open on external browser
  • Chore: update get image show product item
  • Fix: variable not showing in product detail
  • Fix: vendor store search
  • Chore: add SnackBarAction add success product item
  • Fix: update address in checkout
  • Chore: update flutter_html with iframe
  • Fix: data user login facebook
  • Fix: build iOS
  • Fix: price in add on
  • Fix: Reviews can only be left by “verified owners” not working
  • Chore: update loading comment post

Changelog 15-Aug-2022

Compatible version

Cirilla appv3.1.0
App builder pluginv3.0.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4

1. Anti – Spam & Brute Force Attack

Captcha popup in login, register, review and comment form. Help deter hackers use robot software submit requests via REST API.

Also compatible with config – Reviews can only be left by “verified owners” setting

2. New level Push and Recipients Notification.

The latest Push notification v1.4.3 bring some Powerful and elastic features.

Change small icon in Android

Doc config:

Push notification with image


Dynamic content with merge/tag

User can use variable insert dynamic data to message to send to device

Trigger event type


Sample action

Fully sample action and apply in one click


Dynamic recipients doc:


With conditionals you can determine whether in the specific situation the notification will be sent or not.


Message Queue

For big website with large transition you can enable Message Queue by add this to file wp-config.php

define( 'PUSH_NOTIFY_QUEUE_JOBS', true );

The message will send under background one by one and will not effect to website speed.

3. Show ACF Custom Field Data On Post Item By Position

Noted: Only support post item default template

4. Nearby product, show distance, duration on vendor item

5. Change icon search

6. Dynamic content in widget text, heading and Appbar



7. Option switch language plugin when use WPML/Polylang


8. Option disable email field in register screen

Improvement and Bug fixed

  • Improved: Change background status bar to transparent
  • Improved: Click to icon, nam, image on category item sidebar
  • Improved: Search results, load more, cache search data
  • Improved: Padding Product price, Refine post
  • Improved: Clean cart API 
  • Improved: Update value multi choice and checkbox in product Add-ons
  • Improved: Action click to notification
  • Improved: Get default attribute
  • Fixed: Reload change shipping address
  • Fixed: Appointment product validate date
  • Fixed: Check null safety in author avatar (profile, comment)
  • Fixed: Product group language
  • Fixed: Disable field address
  • Fixed: Divider color list product home
  • Fixed: Box shadow product item in home
  • Fixed: Background color product item
  • Fixed: Data notification message 
  • Fixed: Special language in text product Add-ons