Changelogs 27– Jan – 2024 πŸ””

Compatible table

Cirilla appv3.8.1
App builder pluginv3.8.5
Push notification pluginv1.4.5

New features 🌟

(1) Support Stripe Native form checkout

Enhance your payment experience with our latest feature – Support for Stripe Native Form Checkout! Seamlessly integrate the power of Stripe’s secure and user-friendly payment processing directly into your Flutter app.




(2) Reset Password by send OTP to Email

The administrator now has an additional option to facilitate users in resetting their passwords if they are unable to recall them.

  • Send OTP to email
  • Send Link forgot to email (Default)


(3) HTTP Request Action

This feature allows you to create and send HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) to API endpoints. Users can specify request headers, parameters, authentication, and other details.


(4) Dynamic Form (HTML and Contact Form 7 input)

Effortlessly create versatile forms using Contact Form 7 or HTML input, adapting to your unique needs. Enjoy a native form experience and employ robust HTTP requests for seamless data submission. From dynamic fields to conditional logic, this feature provides unparalleled flexibility.


(5) Support Translatepress multi language plugin

We are delighted to announce that TranslatePress is now fully supported! You can seamlessly use this plugin to translate your website content, ensuring that the translations seamlessly carry over to the app for a consistent multilingual experience.


(6) Query any data in product detail

This feature is quite powerful as it enables users to query any data related to product details.


(7) Identify App Orders

This feature enables store owners to identify and attribute orders specifically originating from the app, providing valuable insights into the app’s impact on sales and customer engagement.

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Improvement πŸ’‘

  • Upgrade: Flutter 3.16.x

Bug fixed πŸ› οΈ

  • Fixed: The source code to be compatible with xcode 15
  • Fixed: “Izyco payment” Debit card payment error
  • Updated: Loading in register screen
  • Updated: View refine product list screen

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