Changelog 27-May-2022

Cirilla App (2.8.0)

  • Upgrade: Flutter 3.0.1
  • Fixed: Wrong file name and file extension of downloaded file.
  • Fixed: Gutenberg block gallery not working
  • Fixed: Tag hero in core image
  • Added: Play video in product from custom upload file
  • Improved: Drag scrolling on web by mouse

App builder

  • Fixed: Selection and Action toolbar overlap sidebar right and left on mobile
  • Feat: Collapsible sidebar right

Changelog 24-May-2022

Cirilla app (v1.7.0)

  • Fixed: Login Firebase phone number on the web version
  • Fixed: Fixed layout grid not working in “Author widget” app builder
  • Fixed: Get post by author in author screen
  • Fixed: Select multi shipping methods
  • Fixed: Duplicate get cart request
  • Fixed: Missing Zulu language
  • Fixed: Update qty not working
  • Feat: Subscribing to topics, Unsubscribing from topics
  • Feat: Persist settings
  • Feat: Persist categories
  • Feat: Support dynamic link
  • Feat: Query post by page and per_page
  • Chore: Catch errors when the user changes the language
  • Chore: Add id.json language file
  • Chore: stop redirecting to the unKnow router
  • Chore: Update flutter HTML
  • Improved: Get Stripe publishable key from setting
  • Improved: Post router
  • Improved: persist product wishlist data
  • Improved: performance product list
  • Improved: Show loading Webview on Android

We Introduce the “Flutter store manager” app (v1.0.0)


  1. Based on Flutter open-source framework by Google
  2. BLoC design pattern.
  3. Greate Design UI/UX
  4. Vendor Login/Register Social (Google, Facebook)
  5. Vendor Login/Register Email and Password
  6. Vendor Login/Register Apple ID
  7. Vendor Login/Register Firebase Phone number or Digits Plugin supported
  8. Multi steps update vendor information after registering.
  9. Dart/Light mode support
  10. Theme-based structure for easy custom UI and Colors.
  11. Product management (New, Update, Delete)
  12. Product attributes management
  13. Product variable management
  14. Media management (New, Update, Delete)
  15. Realtime chat
  16. Vendor notifications
  17. Firebase Push notifications
  18. Review management (Approve review)
  19. Picker image, select media from the device or from the server
  20. Sales statistics reporting
  21. Chart sale by date
  22. Chart sale by product
  23. Chart sale by week
  24. Store settings
  25. Personal settings
  26. Rate app
  27. Html Editor
  28. Autocomplete & Store address & Address picker
  29. Multi-languages and RTL support
  30. Firebase analytic

Other features

  1. Cache images
  2. Persist data
  3. Memory cache data
  4. Loading shimmer, Scroll load more, Pull to reload
  5. Clean code
  6. Restrict user login
  7. Deeplink
  8. Universal links
  9. Dynamic-link

Changelog 25-Feb-2022

Cirilla App (v2.6.0)

Changelog 14-Feb-2022

Cirilla V2.5.2

  • Chose: Update text in looking location widget
  • Improved: show group prices and variable prices
  • Feat: Show related post by tags, categories and post ids (docs)
  • Add: Upsell in product detail
  • Fixed: Button quantity not working properly
  • Improved: Login/Register Firebase phone number
  • Feat: Update Admod (show Admod by Gunterbeng block and shortcode, Tag HTML) in post detail
  • Feat: show Admod in product description and short description use (Shortcode, Tag HTML)

Changelog 09-Feb-2022

Cirilla app (v2.5.0)

  • Added: related post (query by tags)



  • Feat: Chat real-time with vendor store
  • Improved: Config social widget and social icon in profile screen
  • Feat: [Dokan] – get vendor stores with status active
  • Fixed: Add product variable in case inline attribute
  • Fixed: Category not reflect after change language on screen languages in the first time
  • Fixed: Show vendor sore list widget with grid layout
  • Improved: translate function
  • Fixed: Color address when Type Appbar = Floating on Home screen
  • Improved: Show vendor store categories instead show all categories.

  • Added: Manage language, store language, overwrite translate text, download the language file.
  • Support: +111 languages translated

Changelog 25-Jan-2022

Cirilla app (v2.4.0)

  • Feature: Config default, include, exclude for input phone number
  • Chose: Unescape html in help & info section
  • Support: Audio in description and sort description product
  • Add: +1611 free Awesome fonts config in App builder
  • Support: Digits plugin (+160 Gateway support)
  • Chose: Update firebase web version
  • Chose: Update language file
  • Improved: tabbar border radius
  • Fixed: Tabbar not reload data
  • Remove: awesome_bottom_bar2 folder and use from pub server
  • Update: Cache google fonts
  • Add: Docs for custom fonts
  • Chore: update loading comments post & button size
  • Feat: update bottom bar and drawer bar
  • Fixed: get private order notes 

Changelog 10-Jan-2022

Cirilla app (v2.3.0)

  • Chose: Shimmer review item
  • Support: Multi-Currency with WooCommerce Payments
  • Fixed: Click to item notification without action
  • Feat: Option on/off download, help & info, switch theme, copyright in profile screen
  • Feat: Select thumb size for product item

Changelog 02-Jan-2022

  • Chore: update alignment widget to select box (This used select start, end support direction for RTL)
  • Fixed: API get balance and transaction (Update new API)
  • Improvement: Lint all source code, and refactor constants.

Note: Include file app.dart you need to modify content on the new don’t replace it.

  • Fixed: Call duplicate API on Android
  • Fixed: Duplicate categories
  • Improved: Get notifications from the server instead save notifications on devices.
  • Fixed: Can’t open link on post
  • Improved: Update loading shimmer order
  • Chose: Loading overlay on checkout Webview
  • Upgrade: Facebook dependency (link)

We make a big update for plugin: Push notification for Mobile and Web app

Noted: The new version work with Cirilla version 2.2.0

  • Add: Send custom notification
  • Add: API deleted all notifications
  • Add: API get notification by user id
  • Add: API delete notification by user id
  • Add: API count notification
  • Add: Update notification status
  • Improved: UI & UX
  • Improved: Send message under background
  • Add: Debug provider

Changelog 20-Dec-2021

Cirilla app (v2.1.0)

  • Fixed: Load drawable resource on Android
  • Chose: Translate location screen
  • Fixed: Gray screen after click to notification on tray bar
  • Chose: Update launch background first frame
  • Upgrade: Latest version dependencies and Flutter v2.8.0
  • Improved: Ensure restore data before open the app
  • Improved: Remove device token on the server when user logout
  • Support: Wallet plugin (Show balance and transaction list)

Plugin URL:

  • Support: AdMob