Changelog 05-Sep-2021

Cirilla app

  • Improved: Disable “add to cart” button when out of stock
  • Add: Option enable border image in widget brand
  • Chose: Update style button in profile screen
  • Improved: Rehub blocks and WordPress blocks
  • Fix: show/clear images in product variable

Build System

This month we introduce the system build Android from the web with some features.

  • Configs app info.
  • Alway get latest code from our repo to build app.
  • Build aab to upload to Google play, apk and split apks for testing.
  • Generate signing upload key and keep download in the system
  • Validate your API key
  • Auto increate version code
  • Show build progress

We will update a lot of features: notification build, delivery to Firebase, and Google play automatically.

Changelog 28-Aug-2021

Cirilla App

This update required app builder version 1.1.0

  • Improved: Product variation (image quality, sale price, percent discount)
  • Add: Show product add-ons info in cart
  • Improved: Brand widget, brand search, filter with brand, search brand, UI/UX
  • Improved: Sync cart and Webview widget in multi-languages sites
  • Feature: Support Youtube, Vimeo in product (Rehub custom field, YITH WooCommerce Featured Video, Product Video for WooCommerce) Video demo
  • Improved: data type in source code
  • And a lot of improvements and bugs fixed RTL issues.