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Changelog 23 – Nov – 2023

Mdelicious app v1.7.0
App builder pluginv3.5.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

New features 🌟

(1) Add Wishlist Plugin

Doc: https://appcheap.io/docs/mdelicious-documents/integrations/ti-woocommerce-wishlist/

(2) Share dynamic for product, post

Doc: https://appcheap.io/docs/mdelicious-documents/features/share-dynamic-for-product-post/

Share dynamic link for post
Share dynamic link for product

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Feat: Google Fonts Update doc
  • Update: Color icon action in widget heading
  • Fix: Nonce is invalid when add cart after login
  • Fix: Alignment text in style 9 of widget banner
  • Fix: Get image url empty of product category data
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