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Changelog 05 – Jan – 2024

Mdelicious app v1.8.0
App builder pluginv3.5.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

New features 🌟

Additional Section in Checkout Page by Checkout Field Manager Plugin

Allow use Additional Fields section in the checkout screen


Video: Preview

Conditional fields in Checkout Page by Checkout Field Manager Plugin

Supports conditional checkout fields allowing you to show/hide those fields based on the value of the parent field.


Video: Preview

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Integration: Config length of passcode in screen mobile verification
  • Integration: Include categories in category page
  • Integration: Input number with default country code, include and exclude data country
  • Fix: Show category page when data empty
  • Fix: Fetch data category when change language
  • Fix: Add cart error when select attributes of product variable
  • Fix: Layout payment checkout page
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