Changelog 05-Jul-2022

Cirilla v3.0.0

  • Support: Open product by scan Barcodes or QR Codes, Show Barcodes or QR Codes in product detail
  • Support: Show Advanced Custom Fields in post detail screen
  • Support: Login via Webview and Handing redirect on Webview
  • Support: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins
  • Support: Hide Ads (Filter or Paid memberships pro plugin) docs
  • Support: Set up Bottom Banner Ads, On/Off in configs, or show on other screen docs
  • Support: Set up Interstitial Ads, display time, show any screen docs
  • Support: Set up Reward Ads, what video to display post docs
  • Support: Deeplink for product category
  • Fix: Set size for custom block image in product screen
  • Fix: Navigate product variable from cart
  • Fix: Set border radius in button custom bock in product detail screen
  • Add: Button action navigate to cart in cart notification
  • Add: Progress & percent display type for product stock status
  • Add: Block SKU in product detail
  • Improved: Request location permission on web
  • Improved: Product quick view
  • Improved: Update all library show warning “Warning: Operand of null-aware operation ‘!’ has type ‘SchedulerBinding’ which excludes null.”

App builder v2.9.0

  • Add: API delete user
  • Add: Login thought webview
  • Add: Config Advanced Custom Fields in post
  • Add: Block SKU in product detail screen
  • Add: Add percent status type
  • Add: Handle redirect on Webview
  • Add: Enable Barcode and Qrcode on widget search product
  • Add: Filter hide Ads and support Paid memberships pro plugin
  • Support: CURCY – Multi Currency for WooCommerce PREMIUM version

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