Changelog 13-Jun-2022

Cirilla App v2.9.0

  • Improved: Remove Scrollbar in Drawer Sidebar on the web
  • Added: Option enable/disable rating in widget vendor and screen vendor
  • Added: Inline play video, and auto play video in product detail screen
  • Added: Stock progress bar in product detail screen
  • Support: Get local plugin avatar and default avatar
  • Support: 360 spin product
  • Support: Limit countries selling and shipping.
  • Support: Custom billing and shipping fields in checkout screen.
  • Support: Change webview_flutter to webview_flutter_pro
  • Fixed: Auto login Google
  • Fixed: Get category by language
  • Fixed: Wrong data type up sell product after change language
  • Fixed: Wrong key in post category

App Bulder V2.8.0

  • Add select widget in “App mode”
  • Add config auto play video, disable swiper slideshow, play video inline
  • Add config type stock status ( Text, Progress bar)
  • Add disable rating in widget vendor and vendor detail page

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