Changelog 25-Jan-2022

Cirilla app (v2.4.0)

  • Feature: Config default, include, exclude for input phone number
  • Chose: Unescape html in help & info section
  • Support: Audio in description and sort description product
  • Add: +1611 free Awesome fonts config in App builder
  • Support: Digits plugin (+160 Gateway support)
  • Chose: Update firebase web version
  • Chose: Update language file
  • Improved: tabbar border radius
  • Fixed: Tabbar not reload data
  • Remove: awesome_bottom_bar2 folder and use from pub server
  • Update: Cache google fonts
  • Add: Docs for custom fonts
  • Chore: update loading comments post & button size
  • Feat: update bottom bar and drawer bar
  • Fixed: get private order notes 

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