Changelog 07-April-2023

Cirilla app v3.5.0
App builder pluginv3.3.0
Push notification pluginv1.4.4
Compatible table

1. Add Fingerprint & Face Authentication

2. Add WC cancel order

3. Add no internet

Improvement & Bug fixed

  • Fix: Shadow of sideBar
  • Fix: Hide out of stock variations
  • Fix: Remove attribute not use in variation data
  • Fix: The offer label is displayed incorrectly
  • Fix: Height layout carousel product tab
  • Fix: Loading in home
  • Fix: Not showing billing and shipping in my account
  • Fix: wrong package import in “flutter_html_iframe_pro”
  • Improve: Cart
  • Improve: Search product
  • Improve: Wishlist
  • Improve: Location
  • Update: Update color product price by widget config product list screen
  • Update: Empty screen for vendors
  • Update: Update waring add cart product

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