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Getting Started

Download plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/push-notification-mobile-and-web-app

Config Android app: https://appcheap.io/docs/cirilla-developers-docs/configure-android-app/push-notification/

Config iOS app: https://appcheap.io/docs/cirilla-developers-docs/configure-ios-app/push-notification/

How does Notification work?

  • Devices (Android, iOS) subscribe to topic android, ios
  • Logged user subscribe to topic role (administrator, customer, …) and store token by user in the WordPress database
  • Logout user will unsubscribe topic role and remove token store in database

How does Push Notification work?

Message Queue

For big website with large transition you can enable Message Queue by add this config to fileĀ wp-config.php

define( 'PUSH_NOTIFY_QUEUE_JOBS', true );

The message will send under background one by one and will not effect to website speed.

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