Changelog 17-May-2021

Cirilla App

  • Add: Post category tab
  • Add: Post wishlist tab
  • Add: Cache network image
  • Add: Shimmer loading post tab
  • Add: Padding top, bottom, text & Icon from config in bottom tabs
  • Add: Login checkout Web view
  • Add: Config cart icon on product list screen
  • Improved: App bar color
  • Fix: Show post detail with content not created by Gutenberg editor
  • Fix: Navigate product variation from cart

App Builder

  • Add: category tab screen
  • Add: category wishlist screen
  • Fix: Not load new screen config
  • Add: Duplicate widget in design section
  • Add: Config padding top and Padding bottom tabs

Changelog 13-May-2021

Cirilla App

  • Tweak: Padding in notification empty WishList
  • Tweak: Font heading description and addition information in product detail
  • Tweak: Padding tabs in widget
  • Fix: Address form in profile screen
  • Tweak: Height divider product detail
  • Fix: Get image login and register screen
  • Fix: Get data in tabs
  • Tweak: Translate title login and register
  • Fix: action layout post detail curve top and image author post
  • Tweak: Padding related product detail
  • Add: Forgot password
  • Tweak: Remove color when click to tab
  • Fix: padding horizontal content post detail
  • Tweak: color divider tab post
  • Tweak: Action go product list of banner
  • Fix: duplicate first item in layout big-first products home
  • Fix: width item product horizontal
  • Fix: duplicate data product category in product category layout big-first
  • Tweak: Translate pages profile
  • Tweak: Text style name post item emerge
  • Tweak: empty caption in audio block

Changelog 7-May-2021

Cirilla App v1.0.531

  • Fixed: rating count product review list
  • Improved: tab to input rating
  • Add: Widget Icon Box
  • Improve: Button variation in product detail screen
  • Improve: Status quantity in product detail screen
  • Improve: Product variation
  • Add: Layout post detail
  • Fixed: Text in widget Heading
  • Fixed: Icon Button widget
  • Fixed: Icon back profile screen
  • Fixed: Default currency with shop single currency
  • Improve: Convert and Format currency in product widget, product list, product related and cart screen
  • Improve: UI/UX contact vertical layout
  • Improve: Form contact
  • Fixed: Product detail variable button and category text
  • Fixed: Scroll in modal language and currency
  • Add: Box fit in widget Banner
  • Improve: Translate on sidebar

App Builder v1.0.4

  • Chose: remove download build when active to reduce time setup
  • Added: Prepare currency for product object
  • Added: Get default Wc currency
  • Fixed: Download build app
  • Fixed: Decode token
  • Fixed: PHP Notice – Undefined property $plugin_name
  • Fixed: Url placeholder image
  • Improved: Style license page
  • Add: show date build Cirilla for app builder


  • Update docs register, login config