Changelog 9-Jun-2021

Cirilla App Improvement: Pull to refresh on home screen Android Improvement: UI/UX Refine and Sort on the product list Improvement: UI/UX Comment in post detail Fix: Change language to Arabic Chore: get translate text for sidebar and bottom tab bar Chore: config item post in post wishlist Fix: button add to cart in product item … Read more

Changelog 2-Jun-2021

Cirilla App Improvement: Comment UI/UX and Keyboard overlap Improvement: Contact form and Keyboard overlap Add: Config map type template for vendor list Fix: Get products by vendor

Changelog 1-Jun-2021

Cirilla App Fix: Type Item = “Carousel” did not show in widget post tab Fix: Type Item = “Big First” did not show in widget post tab Fix: Disable navigate when no action select Fix: Crash app when disabling banner product category screen Fix: Fix app not open on splash screen with site … Read more

Changelog 20-May-2021

Cirilla App Add: Author profile screen Add: Config label radius Add: On/Off rating testimonial widget Fix: Widget HTML Fix: Empty button in external product Fix: Click to icon add to cart on the external product item Fix: Active color in bottom tabs Improve: Wishlist post App Builder Fix: Loading in the import template Fix: Crash … Read more

Changelog 17-May-2021

Cirilla App Add: Post category tab Add: Post wishlist tab Add: Cache network image Add: Shimmer loading post tab Add: Padding top, bottom, text & Icon from config in bottom tabs Add: Login checkout Web view Add: Config cart icon on product list screen Improved: App bar color Fix: Show post detail with content not … Read more

Changelog 13-May-2021

Cirilla App Tweak: Padding in notification empty WishList Tweak: Font heading description and addition information in product detail Tweak: Padding tabs in widget Fix: Address form in profile screen Tweak: Height divider product detail Fix: Get image login and register screen Fix: Get data in tabs Tweak: Translate title login and register Fix: action layout … Read more

Changelog 8-May-2021

Cirilla Store v1.0.533 Fix: dark/light sidebar background image Fix: show title in help info section with store single language Improve: Show list language in setting with single store language App Builder v1.0.5 Improve: Show list language for single language store

Changelog 7-May-2021

Cirilla App v1.0.531 Fixed: rating count product review list Improved: tab to input rating Add: Widget Icon Box Improve: Button variation in product detail screen Improve: Status quantity in product detail screen Improve: Product variation Add: Layout post detail Fixed: Text in widget Heading Fixed: Icon Button widget Fixed: Icon back profile screen Fixed: Default … Read more