Author: Ngoc Dang

  • Changelog 9-May-2021

    Cirilla Store 1.0.535 Fixed: Add to cart with product variation Fixed: null data product sort description

  • Changelog 8-May-2021

    Cirilla Store v1.0.533 Fix: dark/light sidebar background image Fix: show title in help info section with store single language Improve: Show list language in setting with single store language App Builder v1.0.5 Improve: Show list language for single language store

  • Changelog 7-May-2021

    Cirilla App v1.0.531 Fixed: rating count product review list Improved: tab to input rating Add: Widget Icon Box Improve: Button variation in product detail screen Improve: Status quantity in product detail screen Improve: Product variation Add: Layout post detail Fixed: Text in widget Heading Fixed: Icon Button widget Fixed: Icon back profile screen Fixed: Default […]

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