Changelog 1-Jun-2021

Cirilla App

  • Fix: Type Item = “Carousel” did not show in widget post tab
  • Fix: Type Item = “Big First” did not show in widget post tab
  • Fix: Disable navigate when no action select
  • Fix: Crash app when disabling banner product category screen
  • Fix: Fix app not open on splash screen with site install Polylang plugin
  • Fix: Get post by language
  • Fix: Show message on the modal contact screen
  • Chose: Show author avatar in post detail
  • Chose: Remove unused config in widget post tab
  • Upgrade: Flutter 2.2 (flutter web, Facebook auth dependency)
  • Add: Config enable hotline in the profile screen
  • Update: Load more post in the author profile screen
  • Add: Support launcher and Share action

The main action is to navigate in-app, now you can create action for

Open URL in the default browser, Create email to, Make a phone call to, send an SMS message to, share content and subject and a lot of case in-app handing

  • Add: Support Vendor Dokan and WCFM

App builder

  • Fix: Crash on the blog website
  • Improvement: All template icon, and layout icon

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