Changelog 9-Jun-2021

Cirilla App

  • Improvement: Pull to refresh on home screen Android
  • Improvement: UI/UX Refine and Sort on the product list
  • Improvement: UI/UX Comment in post detail
  • Fix: Change language to Arabic
  • Chore: get translate text for sidebar and bottom tab bar
  • Chore: config item post in post wishlist
  • Fix: button add to cart in product item container and emerge
  • Fix: Swiper Sidebar on RTL layout
  • Fix: Post Excerpt on post item
  • Update: Post author on post item timeline
  • Fix: Checkout logged user
  • Fix: Update Billing address and Shipping address
  • Fix: RTL issue on the slideshow, bottom app bar, product detail
  • Fix: Add to cart in the detail product screen
  • Add: Config default language
  • Add: Load fallback language file
  • Add: Load more in product list widget
  • Add: Load more in post list widget
  • Upgrade: Almost dependencies to null safety

App Builder

  • Fix: Save replace the preview template opened
  • Fix: missing translate on the banner widget
  • Improved: styles on some WordPress website
  • Fix: show/hide times with separator countdown widget
  • Update: string time in input DateTime

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