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Logo, icon & splash screens

Now it is time to re-brand it to your own:

1. Change icons
You will need your logo with a minimum of 512×512 PX to generate icons for your app by using this website. When downloading your icons chose iOS+Adaptive icon.

Now replace your generated icons with the old ones located in:

android/app/src/main/res icon folders are:

2. Change splash screens

Splash screens are located in: android/app/src/main/res with below folders:

To change any other graphic materials, everything else is located in: src/assets/images you can change by replacing it with your own.

Now we need to clean gradlew and cache by running below commands:
1. Open your project folder in terminal and navigate to android folder:
Windows: gradlew clean
Mac: ./gradlew clean

2. Clean cache in your main folder: npx react-native start --reset-cache

Run your app

— Some mac users need to change permissions so they can be able to run their android app. In android folder, run this command: chmod +x ./gradlew

Note: keep size and image format.

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