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Ask to upgrade version

( The feature is expected to be updated. In cirilla app v3.8.2 )


When a newer app version is available in the app store, a simple alert prompt or card is displayed.

With today’s modern app stores, there is little need to persuade users to upgrade their apps because most are already using the auto upgrade feature. However, there may be times when an app needs to be updated more quickly than usual, and nagging a user to upgrade will entice the upgrade sooner.

On the source code

Open file: cirilla/lib/constants/upgrade_version.dart


const bool const bool enableAskToUpgradeVersion = false;


const bool enableAskToUpgradeVersion = true;

Here are the custom parameters:

  • canDismissDialog: can alert dialog be dismissed on tap outside of the alert dialog, which defaults to false
  • cupertinoButtonTextStyle: the text style for the cupertino dialog buttons, which defaults to null
  • showIgnore: hide or show Ignore button, which defaults to false
  • showLater: hide or show Later button, which defaults to true
  • showReleaseNotes: hide or show release notes, which defaults to true
  • durationUntilAlertAgain: duration until alerting user again, which defaults to 3 days
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